Prepare your hospital for a strange flu season

It's not over yet!

This year is a wild card, and anything could still happen. First, we had a dangerous shortage of influenza vaccine, followed by many high-risk people who couldn’t get or decided to forgo immunization. Fortunately, this has been a mild flu season — so far. But February and March are the historical peak months for influenza activity, and the large numbers of high-risk unprotected people make this a potential recipe for disaster. Influenza vaccine shortages and delays are a recurring problem, and at some point, we will inevitably face another influenza pandemic.

Are you and your hospital prepared if we run out of luck? Do you know where to turn for guidance and help? Do you know how to prevent the spread of this infectious disease? Or how to handle major staff shortages due to record absenteeism?

Thomson American Health Consultants has developed an influenza sourcebook to ensure you and your hospital are prepared for what could happen this flu season — or the next flu season.

Hospital Influenza Crisis Management provides the information you need to deal with ED overcrowding, potential liability risks, staff shortages, and infection control implications for staff and patients. This sourcebook addresses the real threat of a potential pandemic and the proposed response and preparedness efforts that should be taken in case of such an event. Major guidelines and recommendations for influenza immunization and treatment are included, along with recommendations for health care worker vaccination and the efficacy of and criteria for using the live attenuated influenza vaccine.

Hospital Influenza Crisis Management will offer readers continuing education credits. For information or to reserve your copy at the price of $199, call (800) 688-2421. Please reference code 64462.