Brochure describes how Call First works

All patients treated in the Community Health Network's hospitals in Indiana are given a brochure that describes the Call FIRST (Family Initiated Rapid Screening Team) that serves as a safety net when patients or family members think their concerns are not being addressed. These are some excerpts from the brochure:

When is Call FIRST appropriate?

Call FIRST provides patients and their families a way to call help to the bedside. As a partner in care, we encourage you to call in the following situations:

  • If there is a change in your condition and you feel your concerns are not being addressed.
  • If after speaking with a member of the health care team there is confusion about your condition or your treatment.
  • Call FIRST should NOT be used for routine questions or complaints by patients or families.

How do I initiate Call FIRST?

Patient and families can call the FIRST team for help at each hospital by dialing (from a hospital phone): [internal numbers designated for Call FIRST at each hospital]

The person responding to the call will ask for your name and location and ask for a brief explanation of the situation.

A member of the FIRST team will then be dispatched and MUST be at the patient's bedside within 15 minutes.

Who will respond to Call FIRST?

The Family Initiated Rapid Screening Team is made up of nursing supervisors, who will come to the bedside to evaluate and stabilize the situation. The nurse caring for the patient and other members of the care team will also respond to Call FIRST.