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Articles Tagged With: OSHA

  • NIOSH to collect data on chem hazards

    How widespread are chemical hazards in health care? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) seeks to find out and is proposing an online survey, which would be targeted to members of professional organizations such as the American Nurses Association.
  • Stand up and take credit for cost avoidance due to reg compliance

    Non-compliance with state or federal regulations can put a company out of business even faster than escalating health care costs. But too often, the important role played by occupational health in facilitating compliance is not understood by senior leaders.
  • Empowered OSHA targets airborne infectious hazards

    Expect more regulation. Like a sleeping giant that awakens with a roar, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is moving forward with new initiatives, including the first steps toward a possible airborne infectious diseases standard and renewing proposed recordkeeping rules on musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injuries.
  • WA state law requires safe patient handling

    The nation's most comprehensive safe patient handling law is now in full effect: Hospitals in Washington state must have equipment to reduce injuries by Jan. 31.
  • Your ergonomics program might be wasting money

    If your efforts to reduce musculoskeletal pain fall short of getting results, it may be because you bought ergonomic desks and chairs, but failed to have these set up by a professional.
  • Put weight loss reminders throughout the workplace

    Many employees at your workplace probably need to lose some weight possibly a significant amount of weight. On the positive side, though, the majority of these individuals probably really want to achieve this.
  • Data used to ID most pressing health issues

    Oglethorpe, GA-based Weyerhaeuser's HEAT (Healthy Employees Action Team) has prevented illness and injury among the company's employees since 1993. However, the specific health issues that are targeted change based on employee feedback, data collected by safety and ergonomic programs, and bi-annual health screening results.
  • Three types of health data you should not ignore

    Worker's compensation claims, Employee Assistance Program utilization, employee opinion surveys and productivity questionnaires. Which are the most reliable data to base important decisions about wellness programs?