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Hospital Employee Health – March 1, 2018

March 1, 2018

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  • #MeToo in Medicine? Sexual Harassment in Healthcare

    It will surprise few employee health professionals that healthcare is no exception to the shocking incidents of sexual harassment being reported nationally in various industries by the #MeToo women’s movement.

  • Meaningful Recognition Fights Nurse Burnout

    Nurses demonstrate clinical skill and patient compassion so routinely that it is little wonder they are designated the most trusted profession year after year. But such routine excellence can have its toll in terms of burnout and “compassion fatigue.”

  • Finding Joy Through Meaningful Work

    After a demanding shift rife with unexpected stress and complications, the last word healthcare workers may use to describe their job is “joyful.” Nevertheless, researchers who study healthcare work culture say such an emotional state is possible. The joy that comes from meaningful, important work is a tonic to burnout and compassion fatigue.

  • Plan Ahead for the Injured Returning to Work

    Injured healthcare workers returning to work may need alternate duties as they continue healing, so planning ahead in that regard is highly recommended,

  • Researchers: Flu Spread by Normal Breathing

    The unwelcome news in the midst of bad flu season is that influenza spreads easier than previously thought, possibly in the very breath you take.

  • Rare But Real Threat of Occupational HIV Remains

    It is accepted now with little fanfare how safer needle devices, post-exposure prophylaxis, and other improvements and interventions have reduced occupational HIV infection to a vanishing point. This wasn’t always the case.

  • AOHP Seeks to Raise Profile

    The Association for Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare is planning to raise its national profile and reassess its chapter organization and structure. These goals come as part of an update of the AOHP Strategic Plan, as the three-year run of the former plan expired in 2017.