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December 1, 2012

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  • Energy Drinks to Improve Performance

    Energy drinks have rapidly become very popular, especially among adolescents and young adults. Recent trends can be traced to the introduction of Red Bull in Austria in 1987 and the United States in 1997.1
  • Soy and Breast Cancer: Harmful or Helpful?

    The food and supplement known as soy, or soybean (Glycine max, Family Fabaceae), has quite the reputation in lay and scientific circles for many health conditions, including cancer prevention, bone health, cardiovascular disease prevention, and, most notably, treatment of menopausal symptoms.
  • Essential Fatty Acids and Biological Aging

    Telomeres are present at the end of chromosomes and help prevent them from degradation. Shortening of telomeres can be caused by inflammation and oxidative stress and has been linked to age-related disease and earlier mortality in humans. This study suggests that telomere length may be influenced by n-6:n-3 PUFA plasma ratios.
  • Do Multivitamins Prevent Cancer in Men?

    A 15-year, placebo-controlled, randomized study in middle-aged and elderly male physicians demonstrated a small yet statistically significant reduction in total cancer risk with multivitamin intake.