Checklist helps Baylor staff ready for surprise surveys

When you hear that today is the day you'll be surveyed by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), it's too late to make any major improvements. But you might be able to tidy up a few things.

All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX, uses this "Last Minute JCAHO Clean-Up List" in various departments throughout the hospital when the staff gets word that a surveyor is on the way. (See checklist, below.)

Last-Minute Joint Commission Clean-Up List

If your facility is to be surveyed, you can find out at 7 a.m. Eastern that morning by checking the JCAHO extranet web site. The site will tell you if today is the day and will provide information and photographs for confirming the identities of the surveyors. Go to and go to the "Jayco Login" section. Then click on the "notification of scheduled events" link.