System tracks tools for varied learning styles

Proper tools make teaching more effective

The Library of Non-Traditional Patient Education Tools is an ongoing project hosted by Patient and Family Education Services at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. It is an ongoing tracking system of educational tools to teach patients of various learning styles such as hearing, seeing, and hands-on.

The current list includes the following:

• Anatomical models: including breast self-exam, care of amputee stump, various injection techniques, care of tracheostomy, baby care, testicular self-exam, and use of female condom. The injection kits are useful when teaching patients with allergies or diabetes, and breast and testicular self-exam models are useful in family practice and urology. Baby care models can be used in family practice, pediatric, and prenatal teaching. Site has cost ranges available from less than $50 to above $1,000. To order, contact Anatomy Warehouse in Skokie, IL, at or telephone (312) 281-9925.

• 3D anatomical models: includes anatomical models of body parts including disease simulations, such as an eye with a cataract. They can be used to reinforce teaching messages at clinics and inpatient specialty units. The cost is between $40 and $100 for most, with the more complex models up to $600. To order, contact Anatomical Chart Company at or Telephone: (800) 621-7500.

• 3D anatomical models: includes anatomical models of body parts, including disease simulations. Models can be used to explain teaching issues such as the need to lower fat in the arteries. The cost for most models is between $40 and $85, with all under $200. To order, contact School Health Corp. in Hanover Park, IL, at Select "Educational Aids," then "Anatomical Models." Telephone: (866) 323-5465.

• Bar charts: page-sized laminated, anatomical charts available by specialty or overall body. They can be used in clinic exam rooms or inpatient hospital rooms for clear explanations of body parts under discussion. They can be wiped clean and ordered by specialty topic. The cost is $3.95 to $7.95 per chart. Contact the company in Boca Raton, FL, at or (800) 226-7799 Ext. 3091.

• Graphic posters: anatomical and relating to specific health topics, such as the common cold. They are available in paper, laminated, or raised relief. In addition to English, some posters are available in Spanish. Select "Spanish" under categories. There are many different topics with color. Some have words in the diagrams, but many do not. There are posters on the dangers of alcohol and dangers of smoking in Spanish. Most cost about $11. To order, contact Anatomical Chart Company at or Telephone (800) 621-7500.

• Injection teaching kit: model A26200 is a flesh-colored practice pad to teach patient how to give injections. It does not show punctures and includes a carrying case and cleaner. It is useful for diabetic teaching. The cost is $99. It is available from Anatomical Chart Company at also or telephone (800) 621-7500.

• Poster size charts: includes body systems and disease conditions. Many are less than $10 with majority below $100. Available from Anatomy Warehouse at or telephone (312) 281-9925.