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Check out the “Clinical Minutes” online videos from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. These short video case studies are designed to deliver the key points for practice in 15 minutes or less.

Free continuing education credit is available for physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, students, educators, and researchers who focus on reproductive health, family practice, or internal medicine.

The latest addition to the video library is “Risk Perception.” Many women discontinue contraceptive use over concerns about side effects without considering the health risks of pregnancy. Because risk is such a complex concept to effectively convey to patients, this new video includes two case studies. One focuses on helping patient Maggie understand the risks of using (or not using) hormonal contraception and find the method that is best for her. The other looks at educating patient Jessica on permanent contraceptive options while counseling to minimize the risk of decision regret.

Other video titles include such topics as “Applying Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines to Clinical Practice,” “Improving HPV Vaccine Uptake and Compliance,” and “Discovering the Barrier Methods: Female Condom, Diaphragm, and Cervical Cap.”

Explore the full collection of “Clinical Minute” activities at http://bit.ly/1EuXyIL.

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