Bring lifesaving items on patient transports

Here is a listing of the supplies contained in the drug and airway boxes carried by ED nurses transporting patients for diagnostic tests at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT.

  • Drug box: one sodium bicarbonate, one 50% dextrose, two atropine, three epinephrine, two lidocaine boluses, flumazenil, naloxone, oral airways, extra defibrillator gel pads, and intravenous (IV) 1,000-cc normal saline with IV tubing and IV start kits.
  • Airway box: lidocaine jelly; 10 cc syringes; Magill forceps; 6 French and 14 French stylets; laryngoscope handle, large and small; variety of laryngoscope blades; laryngoscope light bulbs; instrument tray; twill tape or endotracheal tube holder; adhesive tape; Luki trap; endotracheal tubes 5-10; cotton swabs; 10 French and 14 French suction catheters; vial normal saline; medical adhesive; jaw screw; arterial blood gas kit; micro arterial blood gas kit; sterile gloves; oral airways; cushion mask; nasal trumpet; size C and AA batteries; bite block; and Yankauer suction.