New product makes IV starts in kids ‘pain-free’

A recently released non-invasive, needle-free, local dermal anesthesia can help alleviate pain associated with local dermal procedures. Created by IOMED Inc. of Salt Lake City, Numby Stuff can deliver topical anesthesia directly to the skin prior to IV catheter starts, injections, and blood draws.

Numby Stuff consists of IOMED’s iontophoretic drug delivery system, drug delivery electrodes, and IONTOCAINE, IOMED’s own brand of lidocaine HCI 2% with epinephrine 1:100,000 topical solution. The procedure is effective within seven to 10 minutes and reaches a depth of 10 millimeters. It is the only iontophoretic drug delivery system to receive the Seal of Acceptance from the Alliance of Children’s Hospitals.

A mild, low-level electric current is used to transport drug molecules into the skin painlessly. Its packaging also caters to children, with its bright colors and graphics. For more information, call IOMED customer service at (800) 621-3347.