Nine Principles of Patient-Focused Care

1. Patients perceive the quality and value in their care by the service they receive.

2. A paradigm shift must occur from a compartmentalized organization to an integrated, cus- tomer-oriented system.

3. The organization must be responsible to community, employee, patient, payer, and physician needs.

4. Each step of patient service activities must add value, and improve quality and service to the patient.

5. Hospital staff at all levels must be responsible, accountable, and professionally challenged.

6. The concepts of continuous quality improvement are fundamental to this effort and must be applied in design and implementation of patient- focused care.

7. The clinical and financial outcome indicators must be defined and designed with continuous feedback regarding the organization’s progress toward these goals.

8. Clinical and patient financial information must be readily available to all staff for decision making.

9. The allocation of resources must be patient-focused while ensuring that cost per unit of service is contained or reduced.

Source: Sioux Valley Hospital & University Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD.