Criteria for DVT outpatient management

A. Inclusion Criteria
1. Positive diagnosis of DVT by Doppler Ultrasound or venography _Y _N

B. Exclusion Criteria
1. Unable to provide informed consent _Y _N
2. Geographic inaccessibility _Y _N
3. Potential for medication noncompliance _Y _N
4. Unable to support cost of drug _Y _N
5. Pregnancy _Y _N
6. Hereditary or acquired thrombotic disorders _Y _N
7. Hereditary bleeding disorders _Y _N
8. Active bleeding (peptic ulcer disease [PUD] < 6 wk, gastrointestinal [GI], genitourinary [GU]) _Y _N
9. Concomitant medical problems (Acute CHF, estimated creatinine clearance < 30 mL/min, increased liver function tests [LFTs]) _Y _N
10. Hypoxia, Tachypnea _Y _N
11. Suspected pulmonary embolism _Y _N

Source: Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia.