State of the Industry’ seminar comes to Chicago

Hospital home care is the focus

Chicago plays host to a full-day conference, "Hospital Home Care: State of the Industry," Dec. 6. The seminar will be held at the Holiday Inn O’Hare International in Rosemont, IL, and is sponsored by the Center for Hospital Homecare Management of Memphis, TN, and Hospital Home Health.

The conference will provide an in-depth, inside look at how hospital-affiliated home care agencies are faring and what can be done to ensure their long-term success.

"We think there is a strong need for a full- day conference on hospital home care, which addresses the state of the industry across the multiple home care product lines such as private duty, infusion, retail pharmacy, and retail centers," explains Dan Lerman, MHSA, president and founder of the Center for Hospital Homecare Management.

"We think there is a need for a program focused exclusively on hospital home care. After two difficult years under IPS, there are ways hospitals can learn how to restructure, turn around, and make home care profitable," he adds.

Among the topics to be addressed (see box, p. 123) are strategic management, financial and operational efficiency, home infusion, and private-duty marketing strategies targeted at providing home care and hospital professionals with solid, usable information on making hospital home care a profitable venture.

Addressing the various issues, in addition to Lerman, will be these speakers:

- Bill Cabin, JD, MA, president of Cabin Associates and a senior associate with the Center for Hospital Homecare Management;

- Lea Wilson, RN, MBA, executive director of private duty and staffing services with Henry Ford Extended Care of Henry Ford Health System in Detroit;

- John C. Gilliland, JD, a Covington, KY, attorney specializing in home care and health law and a member of Hospital Home Health’s editorial advisory board;

- Larry Brothers, RT, MBA, vice president of Genesys Health System, a leading diversified hospital system in Grand Blanc, MI.

For more information or to register, contact Dan Lerman at the Center for Hospital Home-care Management, 111 S. Highland St., Suite 286, Memphis, TN 38111. Telephone: (800) 266-3583. E-mail: The cost of registration (payable by check only) is $225 per attendee if registered before Dec. 3. On-site registration is $250.