Patient Education Management 1999 Index

Alternative therapies

acupressure as part of holistic health, OCT:117

difference between relaxation/treatment massage, MAY:56

education on acupuncture, JUL:79

holistic center for healing, MAY:52

homeopathic treatments, AUG:93

massage therapy in medical mainstream, MAY:55

selecting instructors for outreach classes, DEC:140

teaching about music therapy, JUN:63

teaching medical benefits of massage, MAY:53

teaching self-practice techniques, DEC:141

the elements of therapeutic touch, APR:41

types of massage therapy, MAY:54


finding survey participants, JAN:9

game to assess patient's priorities, APR:45

of diabetes teaching, JUN:67

of discharge preparedness, MAY:57

of education materials, JUN:70

of lifestyle changes, MAY:58

of patient satisfaction with materials, JUN:71

of patient's spiritual needs, MAY:49

of reading level for patient population, JAN:8

of staff and patients to improve methods, AUG:95

Class curriculum

injury prevention for seniors, JAN:4

on herbal supplements, MAR:27

Community outreach

buddy system for breast cancer prevention, DEC:142

costs savings with mobile mammography, FEB:22

partnering with churches, MAY:51

promoting classes and events, AUG:91

senior outreach forum, JAN:3


improving at patient education clinic, MAR:35

in HIV patients for medications, MAR:32

tools for medication regimens, MAR:33

Creating revenue

by marketing in-house materials, AUG:87

Disease-specific programs

buddy system for breast cancer prevention, DEC:142

cardiac education in the home, FEB:17

cardiac telephone follow-up program, DEC:136

mobile mammography unit, FEB:21

presurgery education for joint replacement, NOV:129

teaching survival skills to diabetics, JUN:66

unit dedicated to joint replacement, NOV:128


creating an on-line system, APR:37

creating streamlined forms, MAR:31

using forms to prove interdisciplinary teaching, MAR:30

Education tools

teaching sheets on herbal supplements, MAR:28

Effectiveness measuring, proving

ensuring outcome data have meaning, OCT:109

using Nursing Outcomes Classification tool, DEC:133

Elevating stature

increasing interest with poster sessions, NOV:124

promotions during health education week, NOV:125

publishing articles on programs, work, OCT:111

receiving awards for programs/materials, SEP:102

selection of contest entries, SEP:103

writing polished articles, OCT:113

Handouts, forms, protocols, checklists

cardiac carepath for home care use, DEC:insert

cardiac carepath for inpatient use, DEC:insert

design questionnaire for print materials, JUN:insert

flow chart for patient education materials, JUN:69

form for patient questions, FEB:insert

in-depth benchmarking interview, SEP:insert

interdisciplinary education record, MAR:insert

interdisciplinary teaching record, MAR:insert

referral to resource center, DEC:138

teaching sheet on hormone replacement, FEB:insert

teaching sheet on total knee replacement, FEB:insert

Implementation issues

disseminating quality materials to patients, JUN:68

obtaining physician approval, JAN:7

Interdisciplinary teaching

getting participation from physicians, JAN:5

proof in documentation, MAR:30

Pain management

through acupressure techniques, OCT:116

through tape distribution, JUN:64

Patient empowerment

by instilling belief that patient will succeed, SEP:107

in meeting responsibilities of health care needs, FEB:18


adapting adult asthma material to kids, JUN:insert

asthma education for inner-city kids, JUN:insert

bereavement camp for kids, JUL:insert

bike helmet education, JAN:insert

coping skills during family illness, FEB:insert

coping with parents' drug abuse, APR:insert

dispelling pediatric vaccine myth, MAY:insert

drinking and driving prevention, JAN:insert

educating through school health centers, MAR:insert

ensuring all kids receive vaccination, MAY:insert

health education for preschool, NOV:insert

improving outcomes for high risk pregnancies, OCT:insert

injury prevention, APR:insert

interactive computer network, OCT:insert

music therapy for children, JUN:65

outreach safety program, NOV:insert

poison prevention education, DEC:insert

school-based health centers, JUL:insert

small infant care program, SEP:insert

smoking prevention outreach, DEC:insert

teaching at well child visits, MAR:insert

teaching value of exercise, AUG:insert

teen suicide prevention, SEP:insert

use of child life specialists, AUG:insert

violence prevention kit, FEB:insert

Program design

conducting the upfront research, JUL:73

creating an effective support group, MAR:25

establishing best practice standards, SEP:99

implementing therapeutic touch, APR:42

making the mind/body connection, JUN:61

patient education department models, APR:43

preliminary steps, JUL:76

testing with pilot program, AUG:85

use of benchmarks, SEP:97

using NCI guidelines, SEP:101

Regulatory standards

making patient education compliant, FEB:13

teaching staff JCAHO standards, FEB:15

Reinforcing education

with CCTV system, JUL:77

with CCTV video, JAN:11

with take-home videos, JUL:78

Resource center

combining formal and informal teaching, SEP:105

creating patient-friendly center, JUL:82

designed to meet community needs, AUG:89

forming partnerships to bolster centers, AUG:91

funding by unusual source, NOV:126

pediatric focus at Egleston Family Library, JUL:81

promotion techniques, NOV:126

staffing when short on funds, OCT:115

staffing with volunteers, NOV:127

tailoring to patient population, FEB:19

technology tailored to, FEB: 20

with supportive care resource desk, OCT:114


activities for health care education week, NOV:125

for working with the elderly, JAN:5

guide to placing articles, OCT:113

homeopathic remedies, AUG:94

list of annual patient education contests, SEP:104

list of self-practice complementary therapies, DEC:141

on different types of music therapy, JUN:63

script for telephone follow-up, DEC:137

tips on conducting a literature search, JUL:74

Web sites for doing a literature search, JUL:75

Senior education

injury prevention for seniors, JAN:4

meeting education needs of elderly, JAN:1

senior outreach forum, JAN:3


creating an on-line documentation system, APR:37

creating wise Web consumers, NOV:130

data-driven issues shaping patient education, DEC:133

for paperless resource center, FEB:20

on-line support groups, APR:46

Y2K preparedness, NOV:121

Training staff

refining therapeutic touch skills, APR:40

teaching staff JCAHO standards, FEB:15

to do therapeutic touch with patients, APR:39