CDC tools help ensure every injection is safe

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition have released new materials to make it easier for clinicians and others working in healthcare to learn and train others about following safe injection practices. (To access the materials, go to

Healthcare providers or training managers who need to keep staff current on bloodborne pathogens training can use a new presentation: "Safe Injection Practices: Protection Yourself and Your Patients – A Bloodborne Pathogens Training Activity." (To access the presentation, go to This training was created to remind providers that measures they take to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens and other exposures also protect patients from healthcare-associated infections.

Providers who want to understand how to properly use single-dose vials will benefit from viewing a new animated video. This "How to do it Right" video highlights the importance of using single-dose vials one time for one patient by following the story of Joe, a patient who ended up in the hospital with an infection as a result of unsafe injection practices. (To view the video, go to

Healthcare facilities, clinicians, and others interested in communicating about safe medical injections are encouraged to use the new digital press kit. This resource puts the most recent information all in one place. Materials include a fact sheet about the impact of unsafe medical injections; an infographic showing the problem, as well as key prevention steps and consequences of not following them; a podcast for clinicians; key subject matter expert bios and quotes; and information about the One & Only Campaign, which is meant to raise awareness among providers and patients about safe injection practices. (Access the digital press kit at