How to improve account management

  • Provide full-service financial counseling for inpatients, observation, and outpatients >$1K, or outpatients with multiple accounts (includes program approvals, payment arrangements and insurance finds)
  • Eliminate account handoffs from vendor to financial counselors, to PRVC, to Patient Accounts, to vendor
  • Use best practice self-pay management procedures, flowcharted for Patient Access and for vendor
  • Back-fill OhioHealth staffing resources with vendor
  • Manage all account handoffs to vendor
  • Stop patient shopping. Single self-pay discount policy followed by all entities
  • Financial counselors monitor account quality for all Patient Access and vendor accounts
  • Handoffs to vendor include: out-of-county patients, disabilities, illegal aliens, discharged patients, nights/weekends/emergency department patients that we currently miss, and all accounts still needing work after 45 days
  • All vendor contracts summarized into one OhioHealth document
  • Standardized eligibility pricing for all facilities
  • OhioHealth to "Authorization to Represent" documents signed at registration
  • Weekly/monthly meetings and reports from vendor
  • Quarterly review of vendor pricing structure written into contract
  • Expected results — overall net patient revenue increase through qualification of Medicaid or HCAP/Charity

Source: OhioHealth, Columbus, OH.