Access Q&A

Reader seeks listserv: Is there a forum for access?

Question: Are there any listservs for admitting/access departments?— Paula Caster, admitting/communications supervisor at Ridgecrest (CA) Regional Hospital

Answer: An informal search by Hospital Access Management turned up no listservs, or electronic mailing lists, specifically designed for access professionals, other than those created by organizations exclusively for their members. The National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) in Washington, DC, for example, offers a members-only “Access Forum,” described on its web site as “an interactive bulletin board where members may share tips and resources, ask questions of one another, and help fellow members solve problems or take a new view toward a particular situation.”

Many state affiliates of NAHAM, such as the North Carolina Association of Access Management, also have group e-mail lists that members use to exchange questions and ideas.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association offers its members separate special-interest group forums that focus on health care compliance, managed care, and patient financial services (PFS). The PFS forum addresses such business office issues as revenue cycle improvements, compliance, billing and coding issues, and data standardization and privacy.

The University Health System Consortium, based in Oakbrook, IL, has a service for its members called “Interactive Communication Sharing.”

Finally, access professionals may find useful the electronic mailing lists offered by Medicare, particularly “HIPAA Outreach.” While these lists are not tailored specifically for access, they may be helpful with certain issues.

[Editor’s note: If you are aware of other electronic mailing lists that may be of benefit to access managers, please contact Hospital Access Management Editor Lila Moore at (520) 299-8730 or]