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  • Appeals Court Affirms Exclusion of Evidence and Defense Verdict After Delivery of Newborn

    A recent medical malpractice case in Ohio provides an important primer on the evidence that plaintiffs can use to try to establish malpractice.

  • Compassion Fatigue Threatens Patient Safety

    Nurses are experiencing compassion fatigue more than ever — and patient safety can suffer as a result. Long hours, staff shortages, and emotional and physical exhaustion have contributed to about 100,000 registered nurses leaving the workforce during the pandemic due to stress, according to a recent report.

  • Anti-Kickback Ruling Undercuts Some False Claims Act Cases

    Courts are beginning to question how aggressive whistleblowers and government lawyers are concerning the use of the Anti-Kickback Statute as a predicate act for a False Claims Act violation.

  • Supreme Court Ruling Changes View of Wrongful Intent

    A Supreme Court ruling is changing how a defendant’s knowledge of wrongdoing and intent to commit fraud is viewed in civil cases. The ruling has significant implications for healthcare cases in which the False Claims Act is involved.

  • Compliance Requirements Continue to Change, Need Close Attention

    Healthcare compliance is a never-ending challenge, and the expectations change constantly. Staying abreast of new developments is essential. Some of the latest involve the False Claims Act, Medicare risk adjustments, and HIPAA enforcement.

  • ‘I Need My Brain!’: Horrors of Long COVID in HCWs

    A systematic review of studies on healthcare workers who experienced long COVID in the United Kingdom revealed that many struggled to separate their clinical identity from that of a patient. Healthcare workers with various symptoms of long COVID endured over different lengths of time recognized the uncertainty of their symptoms of this poorly understood syndrome and feared they would be perceived as a burden.

  • An Old Pro Stays in the Fight Against Needlesticks

    At age 78, with more than 50 years of clinical consultation and research on needlesticks, sharps injuries, and medical waste, Terry Grimmond, FASM, BAgrSc, GrDpAdEdTr, says he retired at the end of 2023 but is still winding his career down with a few final projects.

  • Is Measles Elimination Status at Risk? Antivaxers Attack MMR Vaccine

    As the number of measles cases in the United States already has outstripped total cases for last year, employee health professionals should prepare for incoming cases that can wreak havoc in a hospital if undetected. Even if staff are fully immunized, all bets are off if an undiagnosed case of measles gets into a healthcare facility.

  • Healthcare Workers, CDC at Odds Over COVID Precautions

    Inundated with criticism from healthcare workers, highly vulnerable patients, and those with long COVID, advisors to the CDC must make a Solomonic decision. At a time when the CDC is trying to simplify and normalize community precautions for SARS-CoV-2, initial efforts to do so in the hospital have backfired spectacularly.

  • Hairstyle Is a Hot Topic in 2024 Workplaces

    A top goal in a workplace that embraces the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is to accept and include people however they present. This includes allowing people of particular faiths to dress in a way that honors their faith and allowing employees to wear hairstyles that are more inclusive than adhering to a particular style, such as styles common among those of European descent.