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Pharmacology Watch



  • FDA Actions

    In this section: The agency approves a new drug for prostate cancer and expands the indication for a non-small cell lung cancer treatment.

  • Influenza A Renders This Year’s Flu Vaccine Ineffective

    This year’s flu vaccine was only 36% effective, according to the CDC.

  • What About Aspirin for PCI Patients?

    Should clinicians continue using aspirin for patients with prior percutaneous coronary intervention who are undergoing noncardiac surgery? The answer appears to be yes based on the results of a new study from Canada.

  • Comparing Treatments for Cancer-associated VTE

    Researchers have determined that edoxaban was noninferior to dalteparin regarding the composite outcome of recurrent VTE or major bleeding, although recurrent VTE was lower and bleeding was higher with edoxaban.

  • Aspirin Matches Xarelto Efficacy Regarding VTE Prophylaxis After Knee or Hip Surgery

    The authors of a recent study concluded that among hip or knee arthroplasty patients who receive five days of postoperative rivaroxaban, extended prophylaxis with aspirin was not significantly different from rivaroxaban in the prevention of symptomatic venous thromboembolism.

  • FDA Actions

    In this section: The agency tackles loperamide abuse, approves new breast cancer treatment, updates guidance on opioid cough and cold medications, promotes new opportunities to battle the opioid epidemic, and issues new indication for an irritable bowel drug.

  • Oral Medications for Toenail Fungus

    Researchers compared terbinafine to placebo and other oral antifungals, including the azole antifungals (ketoconazole, itraconazole, and fluconazole) and Griseofulvin.

  • Fish Oil for Heart Patients?

    The authors of a recent meta-analysis concluded that omega-3 fatty acids produced no effects on fatal or nonfatal coronary heart disease, nor on any major vascular events.

  • Alzheimer’s Drug Proven Ineffective

    A once-promising drug produces disappointing results in a recent trial, to the dismay of researchers, patients, and families still searching for a cure.

  • FDA Actions

    In this section: Agency approves new diabetes treatment, green lights medicine for treatment of shock, gives the go ahead to a follow-on version of insulin lispro injection, launches a new website to assist with antibiotic selection, and removes a boxed warning from long-acting beta-agonists in combination with inhaled corticosteroids regarding asthma-related death.