Make asthma teaching simple with new guide

Home care educators who are looking for simple patient teaching materials about asthma might take a look at a new guide written by a Massachusetts pediatrician and asthma expert.

The new edition of One Minute Asthma by Thomas F. Plaut, MD, also is available in Spanish. It tells asthma patients or their parents all of the essentials about the disease, using illustrations and charts.

Plaut recently conducted an informal study of how effectively the booklet works when given to new asthma patients while they waited to see their physicians. Some physicians reported that patients who read the booklet understood more about asthma than does the typical new patient, he says.

One patient commented, "If I’d had this book 20 years ago, I’d be in better shape." Even an adolescent who commented that the book sounded boring showed more interest in trying to keep up with his asthma after skimming through it, the teen’s physician wrote.

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