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Plenty of Parkinson’s disease info on line

Parkinson’s disease is one topic that has no shortage of information in cyberspace. You can find out more about the disease, its symptoms, demographics of the people who have it, support groups, and other information on the Internet. For more on Parkinson’s disease, check out these Web sites:

• html — This site is a good starting point because it has links to 14 other sites on Parkinson’s, and it has links to information on alternative medicine, disciplines and education, and health sites. Links include "The Parkinson Patient at Home," which has information on falls; a site describing 10 basic exercises for patients; and a site with a glossary. Another link, "Victory over Parkinson’s Disease in Sight," has definitions, descriptions, history, diagnosis, treatment, and other research information; it’s sponsored by R. R. Iacona, MD, at the Parkinson’s Research Fund in Loma Linda, CA.

• — This site has statistics on the disease and a description of signs and symptoms. It was created by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

• — Sponsored by the American Parkinson Disease Association, in Staten Island, NY, this Web site includes press releases, videos and other resource information, newsletters, chapter locations on a United States map, and links to the Young Parkinson’s Center.

• — This World Parkinson Disease Association site has information about the first world conference of Parkinson’s Disease Lay Association, and it provides data on Park inson’s disease activity around the world.

• — Here you can find a list of video series on the disease, sponsored by the National Parkinson Founda tion’s Video Library Fulfillment Center, 1501 N. West 9th Ave., Bob Hope Road, Miami, FL 33136. Phone: (800) 327-4545.