10 Items Needed to Set Up Your Own Health Plan

1. Adequate money to make your plan succeed. Create a budget and have good sources of capital lined up.

2. A chief executive officer to run your health plan.

3. Good local leadership to move the plan forward.

4. A third-party administrator to meet the needs of self-funded employees who want you to handle all the paperwork and details.

5. An actuarial firm to help you determine the patient population and health care needs of the population you will cover.

6. An attorney to help you construct the contracts so they are in your best interest.

7. A consultant to help you set up your delivery system and health care plan.

8. Critical pathways to help you standardize care, track quality, and keep a handle on the costs. To be successful, the pathways must have buy-in from the physicians in your health plan.

9. An information system to track quality, cost, and patient satisfaction.

10. A mechanism to reward physicians to provide cost-effective, high-quality care.