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How well do you know rules for E/M coding?

Here’s a quick quiz

Just how well do you know the basics of evaluation and management (E/M) coding? Take this quick quiz developed by the web site to test your knowledge. The answers are at the end of the test.

1. When assigning E/M codes, which of the seven components are considered to be key

A. Counseling, Medical Decision Making, and History

B. History, Examination, and Coordination of Care

C. History, Examination, and Medical Decision Making

D. History, Medical Decision Making, and Coordination of Care

2. A new patient is defined as:

A. A patient who has received professional services from a physician within the past three years

B. A patient who has not been treated by a physician within the past three years

C. A patient who has never sought medical care

D. A patient who has not been seen by the physician within the past three months

3. Time is not considered a descriptive component in which of the following settings?

A. Hospital observation services

B. Office consultations

C. Critical care services

D. Emergency department services

4. Which area of service does not rely on the distinction of new vs. established patient?

A. Inpatient consultation services

B. Office or outpatient services

C. Emergency department services

D. Initial hospital care services

5. The time component is significant in assigning E/M codes because:

A. It can substitute for one of the key elements in any situation

B. It can substitute for the key components when it accounts for 50% of the encounter

C. It can be inferred from the text of the encounter

D. It is only a substitute for the history component

Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-B