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Emergency Medicine - Adult and Pediatric



  • Emergency Medicine Reports 2004 NEPA Award Winner

    Emergency Medicine Reports received a 2004 First Place award in the Best Single-Topic Newsletter category from the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Foundation for the two-part article on immigrant medicine published Feb. 10 and Feb. 24, 2003. The authors of the winning article are Mary Meyer, MD, Danica Barron, MD, and Carter Clements, MD. The article was edited by Gideon Bosker, MD, and Shelly Morrow Mark.
  • Full July 26, 2004, Issue in PDF

  • Emergency Medicine Specialty Reports - Acute Pain Management: An Emergency Department Perspective

    Since acute pain management is protean in nature, the focus of this report consciously will be to avoid such topics as procedural sedation, alternative nonpharmacologic adjuncts, medication pharmacokinetics, sickle cell pain crisis management, cancer pain management, and physician liability in withholding analgesic treatment.
  • Emergency Contraception

    For the emergency physician, sexual assault represents the most common presenting complaint associated with the potential for an unintended pregnancy. Annually, approximately 40,000 people in the United States visit EDs after sexual assault. Pregnancy is estimated to occur in approximately 5% of sexual assaults. Thus, pregnancy prevention is an important part of the care for these patients. For the emergency physician, EC represents the most viable treatment option. However, while highly effective when used properly, it is associated with a number of issues that make it much less commonly used.
  • Full November 29, 2004, Issue in PDF

  • Expert opinions: Defendants aren’t the only ones on trial

    The outcome of a medical malpractice case often depends on an experts opinion and how well that expert conveys that opinion to a jury. Despite the important role that experts play within the medical malpractice system, until recently, there has been little oversight of expert witness actions. With the increasing number of professional and legal actions against expert witnesses, it appears that the same experts hired to review the actions of their peers are starting to be scrutinized themselves. This months issue of the ED Legal Letter will address some of these issues that relate to the role of the expert witness.
  • Full August 23, 2004, Issue in PDF

  • Full September 2004 Issue in PDF

  • Rapid Sequence Intubation in Pediatrics

    This article begins by reviewing the existing literature describing the epidemiology of rapid sequence intubation (RSI) in children as well as its affect on survival. The pertinent aspects of pediatric anatomy and physiology are reviewed. Finally, the various components of RSI in children including equipment, techniques, medications, and rescue devices are discussed.
  • Full September 2004 Issue in PDF