New video releasedon reducing risk of falls

The Joint Commission has release another episode in its animated Speak Up video series, "Speak Up: Reduce the Risk of Falling."

The new video features characters Charlie, Marge, and Harley as they confront the need to "speak up" and take steps to help avoid falling. "Speak Up: Reduce the Risk of Falling" points out that one out of every three adults, ages 65 and older, are injured from falls every year, but anyone can fall and become injured.

The video explains the importance of persons taking extra precautions to reduce the risk of falling by talking to their doctor if medication makes them feel lightheaded or confused, having their eyes examined to see if they need new glasses or contacts, speaking up when they need help getting up — especially while in the hospital, and exercising to improve strength and stability. 

The videos are produced by The Joint Commission and last 60 seconds. The series airs on The Joint Commission's YouTube Channel (, as well as other venues, and has received more than 18,000 views on YouTube alone.

The video provides viewers with easy to understand safety tips to help reduce their chances of falling. The previous videos in the series, the first of which debuted in March 2011, emphasize the importance of being comfortable speaking up about your healthcare; preventing infection; managing and taking medication safely; preparing for, and what to ask during, doctor's office appointments; and encouraging children to feel confident asking questions about their health.