Finding a qualified Yoga instructor

If you’re interested in starting a yoga class at your worksite, it’s important to select the instructor and/or school that will be most beneficial for your employees. Here’s a checklist that will help you in your search for a well-qualified instructor:

1. Find out where the instructor took his or her yoga training and how many years he or she has been teaching. Most major metropolitan areas have a number of reputable schools.

2. Although it differs from state to state, most areas offer yoga teaching certifications. Check with the Department of Education.

3. Ask if you can watch a class to observe how the instructor interacts with students.

4. Ask what the instructor’s main focus is in beginning yoga classes. They should be focusing on allowing students to get in touch with their own breathing and their body’s abilities.

5. What is their teaching style — do they work one-on-one with employees?

6 . When you interview the instructor, discuss nutrition habits; since yoga is a mind-body discipline, this can tell you a lot about how seriously the instructor is "into" yoga.

7. Check references, both with former clients and former students.

8. Have a trial run, with a "lunch & learn" program. Follow-up with an employee evaluation.